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``Every morning be grateful for an amazing new day. Start with a positive attitude and don't carry over yesterdays walls. Have the mindset today, to knock them down. It's a new day and a new way.`` - Lamar Schoell

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For 25 years I have been a software developer, traveled around the world and met many interesting people. I love the feeling of conquering the challenges that I am faced with.

I live in an area where the ocean is only 30 minutes away and the mountains are about 1 hour away. This allows for many activities all year. One of my favorite things to do is go hiking. When hiking, I get the feeling of being closer to nature. When I'm on a new trail and wondering what's going to be around the next corner, or over the next ridge. Hiking along the trail is a lot like life – you know. Climbing up a mountain, struggling and being able to move forward and finally getting to the top is well worth the reward.

A little while ago I was looking for a chance to try something different. I wanted to start an online business. I didn't know where or how to start. I tried a lot of the internet marketing programs out there, and not having much luck with them. Then I found the FourPercent Challenge, this has changed my whole life. I wake up each day with a positive attitude and feel like I am going in the right direction to having success. This is with everything that I do.

I love what I do. I want to help others succeed. I would like to change their course and putting them on the right path for success. Take the FourPercent Challenge, this could change your life - it did mine.

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