Building Your YouTube Channel Using A Step By Step Process

Create Your YouTube Channel!

The benefits of a YouTube channel

Channel BenefitsI think the number one thing it does, gets you out of your comfort zone. I just want to start out by saying, that if being in front of a camera makes you feel awkward, just push on and take it in small steps. This does take some getting used to at first, but it’s totally worth it. Grab your cell phone and just start talking and do this every day until your more comfortable. It does take some getting used to hearing your voice on a phone or laptop. Remember you have been listening to your voice from inside your head your whole life. It is going to sound different when you hear your voice from outside like everyone else.

Make a video each day for a month, no one has to see them. You need to make this a habit so that creating video will become fun. This is what I did to help me become more comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t worry about what your hair looks like, or the clothes your wearing. These are just excuses. Just pick up that phone and start recording now.

You get to help people. You never know how you may impact someone that day. Maybe their day starts out bad then you do something, or say something that makes them laugh. I love to help people and doing it through video is so powerful.

Having a YouTube channel can be very therapeutic. Sharing things out loud or speaking out loud can really release some emotions and thoughts you have. Especially if you are talking about a topic you’re passionate about and maybe your friends and family don’t quite get it.

YouTube can help you start a little community, like-minded people that will inspire you and give you some awesome feedback. This is something I did not realize at the beginning when starting my channel. I feel that there is some kind of connection when people leave comments on my channel. This makes me want to do even more.

Do you have a creative side waiting to bust out? Well having a channel is just what the doctor ordered. Say that you are a chef by trade, but you also have this comedic side. You have these great jokes that just need to be heard. Think of it you could have your own cooking channel and sprinkle it with a few jokes along the way, not too many now, ….. right.

Are You Camera Shy?



I can hear you now…


Hear come all those excuses.


I’m too camera shy.
I hate getting in front of the camera.
I don’t like the way I look on video.
I’m not sure what to talk about.
I’m a non-techie. Videos are too technical for me.
I’ll do it someday.


blah blah blah…


Does this sound familiar?


Do you know when the right time to get started is?

It’s right now!


We all have Camera phobia. Every single one of us.

I got you covered. Click here to see how I got over my camera phobia.

Need some ideas for a YouTube channel?

person thinking


So you want to start a YouTube channel, but you don’t have any ideas. Just take some time to think about this. I would sit in a quiet place with your favorite beverage and just simply ponder over ideas. DO NOT limit yourself, give yourself permission to dream and dream big. Do this when you have some time, don’t try to squeeze it in while doing something else. If you are watching Netflix, turn it off now. Leave the phone and laptop in another room.

Remember you got this, make it fun, not a chore. Maybe you come up with several ideas. Start thinking (dreaming) about them. If you’re like me, let the ideas marinate on the old brain. This is part of keeping it fun. Don’t worry about what you can’t do right now. Just push on, don’t quit. Things just seem to work them else out while going for your goal.

Here is a list of some ideas that may help you to get started.

30 YouTube Channel Ideas.

  1. Hobby. Is there a hobby that you really like?
  2. Job. Maybe there are some interesting aspects of your job.
  3. Family. Instead of pictures record some of those days in the park on video.
  4. Movie. Reviews are great if you like watching movies and who doesn’t.
  5. Music. Talk about your favorite artist or genre that you like.
  6. Restaurant reviews. Go out to different restaurants just give a little review. We all have to eat.
  7. Local business reviews. If you are behind a business in your area let people know.
  8. Do something insane. Go Pro yourself doing something insane.
  9. Daily life. Go Pro your daily life, some people have really interesting lives.
  10. Pranks. This is very popular on YouTube right now.
  11. Something you are really good at. Teach other people how to do it.
  12. Learning a new skill. Document it and share it with other people.
  13. Cooking. Like I said everyone has to eat.
  14. If you use makeup. Share your tricks and brands that you prefer.
  15. Teach people how to use websites or social media.
  16. Start a gaming channel.
  17. Quotes. Talk about your thoughts on those quotes.
  18. If you are a motivated person share your thoughts on how you stay motivated.
  19. Make time-lapsed videos of your city or surrounding areas.
  20. If you like to travel talk about different travel destinations.
  21. Create drone videos around the area you live in.
  22. If you travel, document the whole adventure while you are there.
  23. Put your thoughts on video by using images.
  24. Crafts or like to build things. Make DIY videos.
  25. Is there is a charity or religion that you stand by?
  26. Are you funny? Tell a few jokes on video.
  27. Fitness. Talk about your routine.
  28. Meditation. Put that music on and help someone else learn how to meditate.
  29. Is there a problem in the world that you want to solve?
  30. Rant. This will work if you are a strong person. Is there something you know about?

Tutorial videos that will help you to create your channel

YouTube TutorialBelow are a collection of videos that will help you get started with your very first YouTube channel. The first video that I would recommend you start with is, How To Create A YouTube Channel. This will show you how to create a google account if you don’t already have one. Sign up for Gmail, you will need this for YouTube. Then the last step creates a YouTube channel. Then later we will dress up the channel will graphics and links. There are other ideas for your channel as well. You can click on this link if you feel like binging on all of them without any interruptions.

If you have any questions leave a comment on this page or go to the contact page and send me an email.

Happy watching!

YouTube Tutorial Videos

1 – How To Create A YouTube Channel

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2 – How to Add YouTube Channel Art

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3 – How to Add Social Media Links to YouTube Channel Art

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4 – How to Create YouTube Branding Watermark for Your Channel

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5 – YouTube Cards Tutorial

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6 – How to Add an End Screen to YouTube Videos

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7 – How To Create a Playlist for Your YouTube Channel

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