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My Lead Gen Secret

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My Lead Generating Secret. ▶
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Do you have your own business online or offline? Maybe or an Affiliate or Network Marketer.


Guess what all these people have in common?


You need to drive traffic to your business. In other words. You need to get leads every single day coming in for your business.


One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to blow up the number of leads that I bring into my business every day. I’m not just talkin’ about trickling in a few leads in here and there. or maybe just run traffic when I feel like it. I also don’t want to rely on just one traffic source for leads ether.


I can hear you now. Lamar this is all great and all I can’t afford it, Google Ads is at least $10 to $150 per lead and Facebook Ads is the same thing.


What gives?


What would you say if I can give you a traffic source that is literally Pennies on the dollar? I’m going to tell you right now this is not Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Solo Ads. Most likely you never heard of The Source at all.


I’m always looking for new and different ideas when it comes to marketing whether that’s getting traffic, or new tracking system, an autoresponder.


I’m always looking, looking and looking.


I went from being a software geek to a marketing geek.


Watch the video and I’m going to show you a simple step will you can get 200 leads a day. just think how fast your lead count starts adding up.


There’s an affiliate program with a great compensation plan too!


My Lead Generating Secret


Another tool for your toolbox,
Lamar Schoell
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