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One of the important things for you to know as a business owner is that you need to run traffic to your business every day. The other thing you need to do is have a good mix of different traffic sources. That’s why I called this page the Traffic Toolbox. Literally, at any time, I can use a different traffic source that is available to me.

Most of us get started with solo ads. I still use solo ads today. I like using solo ads to test a new funnel. The reason for this is. This type of traffic can be delivered within 48 hours. You can scale this traffic source as well. When I test a new funnel I purchase around two hundred clicks. Once I get everything working and feel comfortable. Then I will increase the number of clicks that I buy over time.

Watch the short video I talked about the different traffic sources that are provided to you on this page. I’m sure you’ll get tons of value from the video.

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